Viewcrete Process

Viewcrete process - 1 - free estimate

We come to your home or business to evaluate your needs and provide you with a free estimate for your custom transformation.

Viewcrete process - 2 - level & clean surface

We level your existing concrete, then clean and prepare the surface for the Viewcrete installation later that same day.

Viewcrete process - 3 - installation

We install the custom design pattern into your concrete and apply our patented coloring process for the desired stone effect.

Viewcrete process - 4 - enjoy the results

Enjoy your new transformed living spaces and the value that added to your home through improved curb appeal.


How It Works

The Viewcrete process begins with a free estimate at your location OR over the phone. We will listen to your needs and goals for the project, and carefully review the surface(s) to be treated. Different options such as colors and design will be described and we will begin creating an estimate for your custom transformation.

Next, we will arrive for install and begin by cleaning and preparing the surface to be treated. This may include leveling or adding additional surface depending on the plan for the project.

Now that the surfaces are prepped, we will begin carving the pattern according to your project plans, and start applying the patented coloring process to achieve the desired stone effect.

The Viewcrete process is usually a one-day process that allows you to enjoy the results immediately! Your newly transformed space will add important value to your home, be durable and long-lasting, and have your own personal touch. We look forward to getting started!

concrete driveway resurfacing contractors
concrete driveway resurfacing contractors

Let’s Design A Custom Space For You!

    The cracks are approximately 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch deep, with a variety of widths and textures depending on the desired look.

    Yes, a light power wash will usually do the job.

    No, this process does not weaken the concrete.

    It will not cause more cracking, it will reduce cracking and spalling in the crack areas, due to temperature expansion and contraction of the concrete.

    This process lasts for the life of the concrete with minimal maintenance.

    Most projects are completed in one day.

    It can under abnormal circumstances and can be easily repaired with a simple touch up process.

    No, but they can find their way through existing cracks in the concrete.

    In most cases we can go over the topcoat or paint, but we will remove the loose material before applying the ColorCrete system.

    Yes, everything eventually fades. However, Viewcrete is designed to address this problem by adding color during the resealing process.

    No, but the sealer does help prevent the concrete from bonding to the mold, and the natural stone look keeps it looking cleaner longer.

    Yes, in some cases we can manipulate the height of the concrete by raising or lowering, in other cases we will reduce the trip area by grinding.

    Yes, by providing a channel for the water to leave the puddling area in the artwork.

    Yes, it’s easier to go darker than lighter, but in most cases the color can be adjusted or changed.

    The sealer does help to prevent staining, but the Viewcrete process makes it easier to be touched up when needed.

    In most cases yes, but where it can’t camouflage is a welcoming alternative.

    Some driveways retain water for long periods of time, but by having us add French drains it will speed up the draining of the water.

    No, the stains and sealers are designed to absorb into the concrete leaving the concrete aggregates exposed, reducing slippage.

    Depending on the coloring process you choose, our most popular system uses a high strength industrial paint that doesn’t need a sealer. We also offer a staining process which would need to be resealed once every two years or so.